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    Provincial Budget – Get the LowDown

    The Saskatchewan government is increasing the provincial sales tax (PST) to deal with a deficit forecast at $685 million as the province looks to return to a balanced budget in three years. The PST is increasing one percentage point to six per cent effective March 23, 2017. PST is being…


    Federal Budget – Get the LowDown

    On Wednesday, March 22nd at 4 pm, Bill Morneau, Federal Minister of Finance, delivered his Federal budget in the House of Commons.  The budget is titled “Building a Strong Middle Class”. What you Need to Know The Federal budget was described as a “wait-and-see” budget by CBC news, with a…


    Money and Relationships -Adding Heart To Decisions

        It took almost a decade for me to realize the importance of money and relationships.  My career was beginning in finance and my life was becoming the place to practice my passion. I have learned things along the way from books, courses, professional designation, but more importantly from…


    Finding A Financial Planner- the right member of your team

    Where do you get your money advice from? Is it a friend who you think is money smart, maybe a parent or co-worker? Your money advice should come from a professional that can step back from the emotional side of money. Finding a Financial Planner should be a priority.  We…


    First Woman on the Canadian bank note

    $10 Canadian Bank Note Viola Desmond is considered an icon of human rights and freedom movement in Canada. She was a successful Nova Scotia business woman known for defiantly refusing to leave a whites-only movie theatre in 1946.  She was jailed, convicted and fined.  Her case was the first known…


    End of year tax updates you need to know

    2016 -end of year tax updates you need to know It has been a whirlwind of tax changes so I have put together a short video that shares the end of year tax updates that you need to know by Dec 31st.         Principle Residence Exemption The…


    Retirement Planning-5 Facts that No One Told You About

    Many people think about their retirement often and most begin their retirement planning way before they are close to retirement age.  However, some people only consider how much money they need in their RSP’s or pension when discussing their retirement plans.  There is so much more that you need to…


    Estate Planning Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts

    Death and Taxes Benjamin Franklin once claimed there are two things in life that you can’t avoid: death and taxes. In the case of those people who die without a will and proper estate planning. The saying can easily be changed to:  death and more taxes. The wise Benjamin Franklin…


    What I Wish Everyone Knew About Retirement Planning

    We are introducing a new tool that we think you will really appreciate called The Retireability Score.  Find out What I Wish Everyone Knew About Retirement Planning.   The Retireability Score is an online questionnaire that will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. It will help you answer your retirement ready questions….


    More Than Financial Planning

    Amidst all of the US election noise and the financial market speculations that will come in the following days, I want to share with you a positive and uplifting note, something to take our minds off of the news and media blitz that we have been bombarded with. This month…



    A Workbook For Planning A Financially-Sound Retirement



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