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    2018 Year in Review – Your Update

    Happy New Year! Our focus is to keep you grounded, informed and confident to stay the course. We don’t take your trust and support lightly and we want to thank you for being a part of the Astra community. Watch the latest video update here:


    Gift ideas that promote financial literacy

    This holiday season, give the gift that lasts a lifetime -financial literacy. Here are a few ideas to share with family and friends to help promote financial literacy this holiday season.     Five and under:  BOOKS & PIGGY BANK It’s never too early to start children thinking about the…


    Health is Your Greatest Wealth

    Last week we had Dr. Craig Herrington join us for our November lunch and learn. He shared with us some valuable tips to living a long and healthy life. His information was too good not to share! Lifestyle Factors to Focus on for Longevity: Consistency over perfection (Now this one…


    A Few Early Tax Tips for 2018

    The end of 2018 is sneaking up on us. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind: NEW TFSA 2019 LIMIT The TFSA contribution limit for Jan. 2019 is $6,000, up from $5,500 in 2018. With the TFSA limit at $6,000 for next year, the…


    Staying the Course!

    I wanted to share with you our recent client newsletter video that includes a few slides and commentary to the recent market ups and downs. The theme is keep calm and carry on. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about how we take advantage during this…


    Celebrity Estate Planning Gone Wrong

    When the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, died in August, she left no will or trust. Therefore, her entire estate will be open to the public eye and probably create family fighting over her assets. With an estimated $80 million fortune, one would assume that she would want privacy after…


    Volatility is our Friend- economic update

    The start of 2018 began with a subdued performance for the Canadian economy.  There has been economic momentum heading in to the second quarter due partly to slightly higher crude oil prices and a predicted 2% economic expansion for the rest of the year. Our interest rate increased in July…


    Astra Client Spotlight

    Astra Client spotlight features our clients and their words so that we can gain more insight and learn from each other.   Meet Jasmine and learn about her two business ventures, her world travels and the best advice she received. Tell us a bit about yourself and what your day…


    Passing Down the Family Cottage

    The family cottage often holds a lot of sentimental value to families and is the home to a lot of great memories. Many cottage owners would like to see their children and grandchildren get the same joy from the property that they did, even after they are gone. This seems…


    How to Involve Your Family In Estate Planning

    Estate planning is an essential part of any financial plan. While you may think that having an estate plan in place is diligent enough, sharing that plan with your family is just as important.  Many people do not want to upset their family by bringing up a potentially unpleasant topic,…



    A Workbook For Planning A Financially-Sound Retirement



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