Like all major decisions in life, divorce requires a financial plan to help you move forward. We are here to help.

Having an advisor is often a critically important part of the divorce settlement, complementing the skills of your attorney. We work together to help you navigate the specific money issues that come up during a divorce.

Pre-Divorce – Kristina Jackson is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who works with you to help you save money. She can complete the financial analysis for you and show the financial options and potential effect of your divorce settlement. Kristina’s role is to help you and your lawyer understand how the financial decisions will impact you today and in the future. She can work with you individually, or together with you and your spouse as an objective party. Kristina will package and report all of your financials and create custom reports for your lawyer. This saves you the expensive hourly rate from your lawyer to process your information.

Post-Divorce – Although it may not feel like it at the time, you can achieve financial empowerment after a divorce. But you will need to take charge of your personal finances, even if you haven’t been accustomed to doing so in the past. This can be a minefield, with everyone giving advice, much of it contradictory or incomprehensible. So step back from all the noise, and allow us to provide compassionate, expert coaching and guidance that is specific to your needs and desires. Let’s create order out of what might feel like financial chaos.

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I want to reiterate how appreciative I am of your services. Your advice was timely, helpful, effective, and I love that you take the emotional side of things into account. I also appreciate your candor throughout the process. The last thing we need when going through a process like this is someone simply stating facts by the book without factoring in our own specific situation. Thanks again for everything.

L.P. Regina