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The Big Picture

People, companies and institutions have a tendency to start with What to do and then How to do it, before ever asking you WHY? By WHY I mean your purpose, cause or belief

  • Why do you want to create your wealth?
  • Why are you invested in the portfolios you own? Because each component of your portfolio should be there for a reason and have purpose.
  • Why is your short term or long term financial goal important to you?

Let’s inspire action and results for all of the things that matter to you. I want to help you maintain a clear WHY year after year.

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The Heart of Your Money

Zena Amundsen has written a book about the most taboo subject of them all – money! You could say this is a coming-of-age story as she grows into her own realization that money is at the root of her own empowerment. And as she grows, we grow with her, fully equipped for the journey with tips and exercises to help us flex our own financial independence.

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Financial Planning

Planning With A Purpose

We want to build a relationship with you so we can discover your passions, goals and dreams. We will help you prioritize your financial short-term and long-term goals.

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Financial Advice


A Cash Flow Plan is NOT a budget. It is for people who make a great living but are not quite sure where it all goes. Ever tell yourself “I don’t spend that much money” but…

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Investment Planning

How We Invest Your Money

Unlike the majority of the investment world – which could be considered advertising and not advice – we don’t promote the latest investment fads.

“Our approach is deceptively simple. We buy good, undervalued businesses and hold them until the market fully recognizes their potential”. – EdgePoint

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