Planning with Purpose

Astra Financial Services is here to empower you to create a financial future that centers on your unique purpose; by providing honest, sound financial advice and elite money management.

We offer financial planning services for various stages of your life. Whether you need a cash-flow plan, or guidance on navigating a life-changing decision, the Astra team is here to help deliver you to financial freedom- whatever that means to you.

  • Divorce Planning

    Like all major decisions in life, divorce requires a financial plan to help you move forward. We are here to help.   Pre-Divorce Financial Planning Having an advisor is often a critically important part of the divorce settlement, complementing the skills of your attorney. We work together to help you navigate the specific money issues that... Read more »

  • Fees

    Financial Planning Comprehensive Financial Plan Financial Strategy that is easy to understand and implement. One year of financial coaching that organizes and prioritizes your saving and spending to match your values and goals. A ‘Big Picture’ overview of your financial future. Astra Life Planner Kolbe Index and The Financial FMO+™ Starting at $2000 (4 pmts... Read more »

  • The Freedom Plan

    You want to feel confident and secure in your financial decisions and your future. A Cash Flow Plan can help you get the life you want with the money you already have. A Cash Flow Plan is not a budget. Cash Flow Planning is a structured plan that takes into account your proximity to retirement, your... Read more »

  • How We Invest

    Unlike the majority of the investment world –which could be considered advertising and not advice – we don’t promote the latest investment fads. Instead we rely on academic research and continual processes to develop long lasting investment strategies for our clients. Our firm seeks out elite mutual fund managers who are not only strong at... Read more »

  • Retirement Planning

    Not everyone wants to retire, but everyone wants the freedom to choose. Perhaps you’d be happy to work for less money, doing something you love. Maybe you want to stop working tomorrow and travel the world! No matter your lifestyle aspiration, you’ll require financial freedom and independence. Financial planning rests at the heart of everything we do. It is... Read more »