Health is Your Greatest Wealth

Last week we had Dr. Craig Herrington join us for our November lunch and learn. He shared with us some valuable tips to living a long and healthy life.

His information was too good not to share!

Lifestyle Factors to Focus on for Longevity:
  1. Consistency over perfection (Now this one I love because it relates to financial health as well)
  2. Movement and weight training incorporated into life
  3. Eat until 80% full (mindfulness vs restriction)
  4. Eating a plant-heavy diet. Five servings of vegetables a day is suggested.
  5. Wine/Alcohol and Coffee in moderation.
  6. Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
  7. Social Connection and purpose is proven to increase our longevity.
Stress Tip:
Watch this

Many Thanks to Dr. Herrington! Find out more hereĀ