Zena Amundsen has written a book about the most taboo subject of them all – money! You could say this is a coming-of-age story as she grows into her own realization that money is at the root of her own empowerment. And as she grows, we grow with her, fully equipped for the journey with tips and exercises to help us flex our own financial independence.

Zena believes “financial freedom is a cornerstone of female empowerment, one that has not yet been fully realized.”

Inspired by an emotionally paralyzing time in her own life Zena starts her book remembering an unforgettable moment where she lay crumpled on her own kitchen floor. This book is the book Zena needed then, and the one you need now!

Taking you by the hand Zena guides you through your own financial story, allowing you to realize how your previous life experiences shape how you relate to money and finance. Zena provides insight into the crucial need for women to be financially aware, and establishes a clear path to being financially empowered.

“It’s becoming more and more important for women to understand their financial power, both on a personal level and at the family level.”

The book is transformative and allows for self-reflection while also arming the reader with knowledge and a plan to move confidently toward financial freedom. It is a must-read for all women. Regardless of whether you are seeking guidance through a financial crisis, wrestling with a “just in case” scenario, or simply want a better understanding of your money: this book has something for you.

After all, you should always follow your heart… and make sure to take your money with you.

When you are ready to realize that money is not that only thing that rules your heart contact Zena at [email protected]. She is available for speaking, interviews, book signings and readings and podcasts.