Why the Bleep are You with Your Financial Advisor?

Why the Bleep are You with Your Financial Advisor? by Astra Financial


This week’s podcast episode has me all fired up! Tune in to find out my top 3 tips for getting the most of out your relationship with your financial advisor, including …

✅ Demanding a financial plan from your advisor. You deserve it!

✅ Seeking comprehensive advice beyond just investments; plan for the future and mitigate risks.

✅ Taking control, advocate for more, and recognize your worth. You have the power to shape your financial future.

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Show Notes:

Welcome back to Episode 99 of today’s podcast. In this episode, I am going to address the issue of settling for subpar financial advisors and why it’s essential to demand better service. As an unapologetically sassy advocate for financial empowerment and the champion of your hard-earned money, I want to ask you one question: Why are you still sticking with your current financial advisor?

I understand that it’s easy to get comfortable and stay with what’s familiar, but have you ever wondered why your financial advisor seems to be uninvolved while your financial goals are stuck in limbo? I see you nodding in agreement, but nodding won’t magically solve your retirement calculations or tax scenarios.

Let me enlighten you a bit. Is your financial advisor charging you a 1% advisor fee but offering as much financial planning as a toddler with an abacus? It’s frustrating to see clients who are investing their money with an advisor who provides zero service. I, on the other hand, offer a fee-for-service financial plan that has nothing to do with managing investments.

When I ask my clients why they aren’t seeking this service from their current advisor, they often reply that their advisor doesn’t provide financial plans and only focuses on investing. If you’re willing to pay for nothing and leave your finances to chance, then by all means, stick with your lackluster advisor.

But if you truly want to take control of your financial future, it’s time to demand more. Let’s talk about the elusive financial plan that your current advisor probably never mentioned. You’re paying for a service, so why not ask for it? Better yet, demand it! You should know exactly how your advisor earns that 1% fee every month and what services they provide in return.

A comprehensive financial plan involves tax calculations, tax-saving strategies, risk mitigation, and a roadmap for the next several years. Hope is not a reliable financial strategy, and navigating the complexities of the tax system alone can be daunting.

I want to clarify that not all financial advisors are lazy; there are fantastic ones who genuinely care about your financial well-being. However, if you find yourself stuck with an advisor who doesn’t bother with financial plans or understanding your financial situation, it’s time to take action.

Pick up the phone and call your current advisor. Let them know that you pay for more and expect more. Request a financial plan, retirement calculations, and tax scenarios. If they can’t deliver, it’s time to find a better advisor who can meet your needs.

I hope this message resonates with you and motivates you to demand the best for your financial future. My goal is to be out of business in the fee-for-service financial plan industry because all my clients have found excellent advisors who truly understand and care about their financial goals.


Everybody deserves a financial plan. So, if there’s a waitlist, let’s eliminate it. Demand a financial plan from your own advisor. In fact, your advisor should be a certified financial planner because part of that accreditation involves creating financial plans. I’m incredibly passionate about this, as you can hear from my voice. I’ve never been so busy with people seeking help, especially those who already have a financial advisor taking care of their investments but providing no further assistance.

Clients are coming to me and investing thousands of their own money to get a retirement plan that addresses their immediate concerns and provides a path for the next few years. We analyze all the risks and create a comprehensive plan. And it makes me wonder, what is your current advisor doing for their 1% fee if they’re not providing this level of service?

Alright, my fierce financial warriors, that’s all the time I have for today’s passionate rant episode. Always remember that you are worth more, and you deserve more. You have the power to demand more from your financial advisor. Until next week, take care.