Episode 75 – Why Financial Planning is Good For Your Health


 Why Financial Planning is Good For Your Health by Astra Financial

In this episode of Heart of Your Money, I’m going to show you how to use financial planning as a way to take control of your life and make better decisions.

We’re talking about how financial planning can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s saving up for a vacation or putting money away for retirement.

It’s not just about the money—it’s also about setting yourself up for success by making sure you don’t get overwhelmed by debt or have too much stress in your life. Financial planning isn’t just about getting rich! It’s about finding happiness and doing what makes you happy.

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Show Notes:

Hey there! Welcome back to the Heart of Your Money podcast. 

Today I wanna share with you something a little bit personal. I’m really trying to up my health game. I have started to be very mindful of my food choices and I’ve been training at the gym regularly and staying active. I even took up a new sport and I apologize to all my teammates. 

I have started biathlon training and I am not so good at it. But the goal here is to stay active. I want to age gracefully and stay in the best shape I can. Now, along with my physical health, I know that mental and financial health are other important pillars that will get me to old age, happy and healthy.

Why am I telling you this? I’m bringing this up today because I wanna share with you why financial planning is good for your health – why it should be part of our regime. I saw a recent study and it really clicked. Northwestern Mutual study has done a study and they’ve reviewed and what it says is having a financial plan could be one of the keys to achieving happiness.

And their stats are-  87% of Americans surveyed who work with financial advisors reported that they are very or somewhat happy. As did 84% of those who consider themselves disciplined planners. FP Canada has done a very similar study about how it relieves stress and anxiety by having a financial planner.

So what I’m thinking here is there’s a connection between wanting to age gracefully in trying to reduce stress and wanting to be happy. We need to take care of our financial health.

Why is financial health just as important as going to the gym or eating more vegetables? ? Let’s face it, the world might feel like a really stressful place right now, and we’re going to have to pull out all the things that we can control. The things I can control are: I’m making sure that my heart is healthy. I’m going to the gym. I’m making sure that I’m eating my vegetables. I’m taking care of that. And so the next one is to tap into that financial health and what is gonna make us happier, less stressed out and able to sleep at night. And that’s according to these studies and by personal experience, and I’m not just tooting my own horn here being a financial planner, but that’s by having a financial planner. 

That’s someone that’s on your team that can steer you the right way. Money is at the root of divorces, heart attacks and family disputes. We have to get in front of our finances and talk more about money. And having a financial planner is gonna help with getting in front of those stressors. It builds confidence and eliminates a lot of uncertainty. And let’s face it, right now, there’s uncertainty in the world. 

We might be up at night or you turn on the news and you need someone to weed that out for you. Having a plan [helps]. And that’s what a financial planner does. We’re organizing everything. We’re giving you an action plan. And then as you take those steps and whether it’s automation or it’s, okay, my checklist, my planner has my homework that I need to do for the next month. I need to get my will in order, blah, blah, blah. 

You name it, whatever it is, it’s going to bring peace of mind because you’ve got the pendulum swing. You’re actually taking action. And then, it leaves room for all the fun and joyful things in your life. 

So I’m shouting out from the rooftop that we need to take care of our financial health. 

The whole conversation is including the talk about money. And so interestingly,  I have seen a trend of certain employer benefits and they can put it into a term that might be the wellness fund, it might be the Mental Health and Wellness or EAP, employee assistance programs. But in there, I’m actually seeing where they have an option for $500 for financial planning services.

And so there are certain employers and certain affiliations out there that are starting to realize that financial health is part of the overall wellness plan. So check your employer benefits, ask them, see if there’s something in there that goes towards that financial planning, because I saw within the last month, I saw three, which is huge. So there are some changes happening out there. 

Parting words, so words of wisdom. 

You’re eating your vegetables, you’re going to the gym. Maybe you are not going to the gym, but you’re going for a walk. Your doctor has told you to get your heart rate up. 

Dr. Zena of financial planning is saying “go see a financial planner.” If you do not already have a relationship, you need to seek one out just for peace of mind and if you have a financial planner, then reach out, and call them.

 If you’re starting to feel stressed or you turn on the news and you know you have some economic uncertainty, share that with them. They’re there to help alleviate your stress. They’re gonna talk to you and walk you through all the reasons why – Okay, we have a plan. This is what we’re doing. Things are organized. Stay on track.

 Don’t forget. If you need, you can check our website, astrafinancial.ca we have show notes or send me a note with any questions or comments. 

I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time, I’m Zena.