Episode 37 – Your Holiday Savings Challenge

How many of you have had the post-holiday trip down guilt lane after you see the credit card bills coming rolling in? I know I have – and it sucks 🙅

My hangovers would either come from buying the quickest, cheapest gift with no meaning or love behind it or going for something totally off the wall and expensive. Either move was made out of desperation.

Let me tell you – planning for your holiday spending and what you will purchase so you don’t have the holiday hangover will save your bottom line and kick that sense of guilt to the curb. I have a holiday savings challenge that I want to encourage you to take, so you start prepping now and enter the new year feeling in control of your finances.

Show Notes:

Hey there. Welcome back to episode number 37. I’m going to share with you today a holiday savings challenge that is going to eliminate any of your spending guilt and money hangover that’s going to come in about four months, the after Christmas money blues. I hear you. You’re thinking it’s a little bit too early to start planning this, but yes, that’s what I’m suggesting.

We are going to get in front of the spending and start thinking about the money that should be set aside right now and starting to think about the financial implications of the holidays. It can’t come too early and by starting early, you’ll be able to save all you need without even really noticing it or having that after the holidays, guilt-fest, when the credit card bills come rolling.

Sounds great, right? Yes. I’m going to be honest here. I totally created this holiday challenge out of necessity for myself. This was a few years back and in talking to other people, we shared the same story – I am that unprepared, frantic crazy-looking lunatic on December 24th, trying to find guests for people, for family members.

And in my last-minute pursuit, I often swing in one of two emotions. One is scarcity or two is just a complete, utter sense of defeat. overspending. My December 24th shopping and scarcity has me buying the cheapest item that has no meaning, no love within the purchase. It is treated as a begrudged event and it doesn’t feel good.

Now the other holiday shopping monster that sometimes rears its head is one of overspending out of desperation. And when this happens, it’s because I didn’t plan ahead. I can’t think of a gift idea. What am I going to get? I ended up purchasing an outrageous and expensive gift last minute. Okay, please tell me, have you ever been there?

Tell me I’m not the only one because this is truly how it feels to me. Both of these are like shopping failures. In the last episode, I talk about spending your money in a way that truly matches your value. This isn’t happening at Christmas time, so it leaves me with that money hangover, guilt and all the emotions that swirl around. My scarcity loop leaves me feeling guilty and realizing I spent money on junk, not matching my values.

My overspending leaves me with a punch to the wallet and again, guilt. This is a holiday challenge that I have for you, and it will eliminate the guilt because you’ll have a template and a plan to guide you through the spending frenzy. It’s easy to get lost in the noise and pressure of the hall. So get in front of it.

If you want to avoid the holiday money hangovers with me, sign up for this challenge. It’s a free holiday savings challenge. You will get a holiday savings planner and helpful tips on how to best prepare, delivered straight to your inbox. I know it’s only Fall right now, but this gives you a few months to get in front of it and eliminate those frantic emotions and spendings that can occur.

You will have a system and cash already planned for and saved. This could be life-changing. This is an every-year thing that should happen in the Fall. Sign up for this holiday savings challenge. If you want it, send me an email at [email protected] check out the website, www.astrafinancial.ca, blog and the podcast.

We’ll find a link there for you – just do it. Talk to you next week. Bye.