Episode 32 – A Guide to Self-Care

A Guide to Self-Care by Astra Financial

Self-care is a must. After all, if we’re not caring for ourselves we can’t care for anyone else.

In episode 32 of ”Heart of Our Money Talks,” I’m talking about financial self-care and how you can incorporate it into your life for financial health.

This kind of self-care means something different to everyone, so you have to ask yourself what you crave at your core in terms of your money and build from there. Whether that means doing up a financial plan, checking in with your cheerleaders or something else entirely, your money needs nurturing.

Take a listen now to learn more.

And remember, self-love equals self-care equals motivation to become financially healthy. Enjoy the podcast.

Show Notes:

Hey there. Welcome to another round of, “Our Heart of Money Talks”. This is episode 32. Today we’re going to talk about self-care and when I talk about self-care, I know it’s the buzzword right now. I don’t mean giving in to the chocolate I like to have every morning with my coffee. I don’t mean self-care indulging in a fancy bottle of wine, although that is nice and I’m not knocking it. 

Deep down in the center of your core, what are you craving? Whatever it is, you recognize that you need, I bet self-care is somehow involved. My most memorable time of needing self-care, self-love, nurturing was when I found myself having to rebuild my life. After my husband had left, it is what sparked my journey with money.

It’s what sparked the book, “The Heart of Your Money”. My story is in there. It’s how I found that my journey with money and becoming financially independent, started with loving myself. And by the way, I’m still working on that every day. It’s not a one-time thing. And what I want you to know is this self-love equals self-care equals motivation to become financially healthy.

Money is the longest relationship we’ll ever have in our entire life. It’s from birth to death. It needs nurturing and it’s so easy to just let it slip away. Let me say it again. Self-love equals self-care, which equals the motivation to become financially healthy. It’s a pendulum swing. It’s not easy.

It’s little tiny baby steps that you know are in the right direction and it’ll keep the momentum to keep you going. I still struggle with this. There are days the gremlin talk is loud in my feelings of self-worth just plummet. I want to hit survival mode. I’m human, just like everybody else. And coincidentally, this is when financial health plummets as well.

Now, when I talk about financial health, there’s a whole bunch of different things and meanings. It’s gonna mean something different to each one of us. Think about it. What is financial health to you? Now, financial health can be in the toilet, but all your bills are paid. Enough is coming in and you’re still saving.

You’re doing all the right things. But your mind is in the toilet. It’s the mindset, the financial health could just be your mindset and your feelings around money and that scarcity mode. Now that’s my issue. Now on the flip side for someone else, it could mean literally there isn’t enough money coming in to pay the bills.

Whatever it means to you. We still have to nurture that part of our health, our financial health. And sometimes it just means coming back to that deep question, deep down in the center of your core. What are you craving with your financial health? For some, it could be organization. It could be meeting that person, that financial planner to just confirm or motivate to help you get you on track.

It could mean, finishing and doing that financial plan that you always talked about doing and meeting with someone, but then being able to have this guide and these rational, small baby steps that over time will get you to the right place. And that’s just about making you feel better knowing, “Okay, I’m taking care of this.”

It could help that financial health mindset and help to get that mind out of the toilet and back to a place that’s abundant and healthy. My countermeasure for when my financial health is starting to spiral down is to practice that self-love and care. And it could mean something different again to each one of you, but we usually can’t do this alone. It really helps to help have support so you can reach out to your financial planner and let them know where financial health is.

Let them know that you need some. So in the meantime, this is your reminder to love yourself. Take some time out for yourself and dig deep to understand what it is you’re craving and needing to bring your financial health back to a healthy place. You might need some you time. There are a few easy things that help like trying meditation, just sitting in peace, 10 minutes a day, and just releasing all those negative thoughts, put them in a balloon and release it, put them in a cloud release.

I like to put mine in a box and put it on the shelf and then, kick the box, but that’s a little bit more violent. So figure out what you need for that meditation. Find a connection that is uniquely for you. So that’s another thing that you can do. And this doesn’t cost a thing.

This is about having coffee with a friend that loves and supports you or a family member. Connecting with someone that can help just be your ear or your mindset, or you can share your checking in with your financial health, with each other, your mindset, your self-care. Now, these connections are free, they don’t cost you anything.

The other one is to just connect outside somewhere in nature. Being outside, under the sky in the trees, surrounded by a park and just having that movement of walking. It can also release a lot of tension and stress. This is another way to connect that’s completely free. It doesn’t cost a thing. Now on the flip side, a pricier option would be to attend a one-day retreat or a weekend retreat.

I’ll be completely honest. I was looking at one with Chopra that looked absolutely amazing down in the States. Then I saw the price tag and I think would counteract everything I would be going there to do and the guilt after. So I did recognize, okay, the guilt associated and the scarcity mode would just kick it.

So just go outside and connect on your own. You can also pamper yourself, take some time out, let someone know that you need some alone time and really dig deep and say what down in the center of my core, can I do right now to help nurture my financial health? That’s it. That’s all I wanted to share with you today.

Send me a note at [email protected]. Let me know how you’re doing.