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Change of Plans

Have your retirement travel plans been put on hold? Are you feeling a little lost with the uncertainty of what to do this winter if you are unable to travel?

We have weathered the financial market storm right now and we have planned for this in your investment portfolio but what we did not plan for was the cancelled vacations and out of town visits due to the pandemic.  Retirement lifestyle plans have been shaken up and that might leave you feeling a little blue.

Pivoting Retirement Lifestyle During Covid

With travel plans uncertain, you might be wondering, ‘What to do and how to stay busy?’ If you are fortunate enough to have some extra savings (money that was otherwise going towards travel plans) here are a couple of ideas that might make a lockdown at home a little more bearable:

  • Small renovations or facelifts around the house
  • Home Gym equipment
  • Home Spa
  • Movie/TV unit

Rediscovering your Passion

These cost money but there are also ways to find comfort that do not cost you. This means digging a little deeper and re-evaluating what your passions are.

I have attached 2 worksheets that focus on finding your vision in retirement. These are excerpts from our Retirement workbook.

Click here for Retirement Vision Worksheets

I suggest that you take a few moments and put pen to paper. Put your thinking cap on and dream up some ways to spend your time that bring you joy and purpose.

If you would like to schedule a phone call to help you explore this together just let me know [email protected]

Pivoting Retirement Lifestyle During Covid