Navigating Volatility

Brandon Colonna, regional VP with Invesco shared some perspective during this market correction. I invite you to watch our conversation and find some comfort through the current volatility.



A few take-away’s that Brandon shared
  • We believe the #1 threat to your investment portfolio is unbridled emotion.
  • Be wary of the herd mentality.
  • Each generation faces challenges that often appear both unique and overwhelming, but when viewed through the sobering lens of history, we find they are neither. We have been here before and prevailed. Stay the course.
  • Market corrections do not equal a financial loss, unless you sell.
  • Stocks have outperformed most asset classes.
  • Even with all of the bear markets (market corrections), the annual average return since 1901 has been 11.6%.


A special thank you to Brandon for sharing with our Astra community.