Your Biggest Wealth-What is it?

The health of your mind, body, and relationships is your biggest wealth.

It is vital to nurture these assets while you nurture your finances.

It is fair to want and need support and collaboration to run a household and manage the family finances. One person may want to do all of this alone, but creating a team approach is the best.

In our house, I am the organizer of our day-to-day finances. I am a financial planner and manage millions of dollars successfully. But even an expert needs support and collaboration at home from family members. My husband and I sit down together on a scheduled basis and make sure that we are on the same page. We discuss any purchases coming up that will need paying. We have tried to unify our money conversations and include our two teens. Having my husband just sit next to me while I review the bank accounts and organize our cash flow makes me feel supported. Don’t get me wrong, I like the responsibility of organizing our cash flow. I want control of our daily finances. It gives me peace of mind and confidence and it gets done.

In most of the families I work with. It is the woman who has led the need for structure and control. She can do it all and may want to do it all but, like me, she would probably enjoy feeling supported. For myself, it feels caring when my husband has a coffee and sits with me while I pay the bills and complete our monthly banking. Some of our best money conversations have happened during these times.

Your partner doesn’t have to literally pay the bills with you but just being present. Sitting next to you, and listening to you, allows for the two of you to be able to communicate your needs in that moment.

Do you need reassurance to move away from the scarcity mindset edge. Or do you want to share how well you are doing and high five each other for making it through another month in the black?

Key are the conversations and emotions that come out when being physically present with each other.


Biggest Wealth