Independence – Astra Financial with PEAK

I wanted to share with you a note from PEAK management. It speaks volumes as to why I have chosen to align my company, Astra Financial with PEAK.


You may have heard that some employees at Canada’s largest banks have reported that high-pressure tactics may have been used to ensure they meet their sales targets.

According to several articles, bank employees have complained about having to push products and services without obtaining clients’ express consent or ensuring their best interests are served.

A few articles on this subject topic:

As you know, pressure tactics to meet sales targets run counter to the core values PEAK has defended since it was founded 25 years ago.

We are proud to offer our independent financial Advisors a business model that enables them to serve the best interest of their clients.

PEAK Independent Advisors do not have to deal with:
  • sales quotas or pressure to meet sales targets,
  • proprietary products (so that no products promoted over others),
  • incentives to offer certain products or services.

In the present circumstances, we congratulate you on having made this choice for your clients. 

True independence is the key to the success of your services. We are pleased to be able to assist you on a daily basis so that you can serve your clients’ best interest.

We firmly believe that all individuals who entrust their money to a financial institution. Whichever one it may be, should be able to do so confidently.

The trust that individuals place in their financial Advisor must not be shaken. They should receive financial advice that is in their best interests and not in the best interest of the Advisor or the institution.

In short, in the midst of the current media attention, you may want to reassure your clients: they are in great hands with you.

Thank you for placing your trust in PEAK. Your contribution is what makes PEAK a success!



I am proud to be a part of true independence that is in your best interest. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected].