More Than Financial Planning

Amidst all of the US election noise and the financial market speculations that will come in the following days, I want to share with you a positive and uplifting note, something to take our minds off of the news and media blitz that we have been bombarded with. This month I want to share with you something a little more personal.

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More Than Financial Planning-getting personal with charitable giving

This month’s blog video I share with you that I am driven by personal connections and that I focus my life on quality vs quantity.  I started a financial planning firm in Regina so that I could help make a difference and help families and individuals take control of their money, creating prosperity and success.  The key to Astra Financial’s success is honesty and integrity, and also….charitable giving.

  1. This year Astra Financial supported the University of Regina Athletics program.
  2. We have also committed to collecting school supplies for the Salvation Army to help young kids that need a little extra help in the fall when school starts up.  Next summer we will keep you posted and let you know how you can help us, either by picking up an extra backpack or bringing by any pens, pencils, books and markers, all the fun things that most kids enjoy the first day of school.
  3. And also right away in the next few weeks, we will be confirming a date for Astra’s shift at Souls Harbour kitchen. We will probably have a few openings for the kitchen and we might need to send you a note and see if you would like to join us helping to prep and serve the holiday meals in December.  There is always a need for food or xmas stocking stuffers.

If you would like to be a part of our giving back to the community, please contact us