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Not all financial advisors are created equal.

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We want our recommendations to be influenced only by what’s in your best interest, and never by the potential for referral fees or third-party compensation. We offer Fee-Only Planning and Fee-Based Investment Management.

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A Certified Financial Planner™ is required to adhere to rigorous standards that are set and enforced by the FP Canada Standards Council™. Astra also provides the specialty of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Cash Flow Specialist.


Zena Amundsen founded Astra Financial Services to help make planning your future more personal. The Astra team offers exceptional client service and our customer satisfaction surveys prove that our relationship with you is top-notch.


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Are you headed in the right direction? Take this short quiz to discover just how ready you are to retire. Uncover gaps in your planning, and any missed opportunities to make the most of your resources. Preparing for retirement can seem overwhelming, but assessment tools like this one can help you take control and ensure you’re moving towards the life you want.

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ReInspirement A Workbook For Planning A Financially-Sound Retirement

So retirement is on your horizon. Are you starting to wonder exactly when you can stop working? Do you often ask yourself if there is enough money to retire? You might catch yourself staring out the window, imagining what you will do with your free time. What are you daydreaming about?

This workbook will explore both parts of your retirement: Your Money and Your Vision.

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    The retirement prep podcast for busy professionals wanting real money talk. In every episode, you’ll get exclusive access to juicy money details to get you retirement ready and feeling confident about your next money move.

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    Our customer satisfaction surveys are important. They provide us with actionable insight to create a better experience and an elite service that can’t be matched. Our mission is to create a consistent personalized relationship.

    From the moment I first met Zena I was completely comfortable with her being my Financial Advisor. I didn’t feel intimidated and felt that she had a caring and vested interest in helping me achieve my goals. Recently, I had mentioned to my friends that if they are seeking a Financial Advisor, I would highly recommend Zena for these exact reasons. Zena is an amazing woman!

    When I first met Zena at one of our financial meetings, I knew immediately, she was a very caring person. She listened intently to our questions and answered them in terms we could understand. When my husband passed away, she was able to get all our Investments changed over to my name very quickly and gave me the confidence to be able to deal with all my finances and commitments. She helped me get the Insurance claims done and gave me advice on the work needed with an Estate, even recommending a lawyer and an accountant.

    I feel that Astra truly cares about fullfilling my financial needs and concerns. I ENJOY my periodic appointments with Zena to keep me on financial track and her most helpful guidance. Love your location and office and wishing you all the best.


    Welcome to Astra!

    I started my financial career 15 years ago at the bottom of the ladder and worked my way up to mentoring with one of the top financial planners in the province. In 2015 I started Astra Financial so that I could offer a more personal service. I believe in quality vs quantity and that it is the secret to our success. Astra Financial has become a community for our clients and we are proud of our relationships and performance.

    I am a published author and I have contributed to various media publications. I am also a very proud finalist for a Wealth Professional Award. However, my biggest career achievement is celebrating our client’s successes. It is the best part of my job!

    When I am not being a financial planning nerd, you can find me travelling west, taking up tennis as a new hobby or enjoying a chai latte at my favourite coffee shop. As a recent empty nester, I’m up to any adventure now!



    Zena’s Brand New Book Available Now


    Zena Amundsen has written a book about the most taboo subject of them all – money! You could say this is a coming-of-age story as she grows into her own realization that money is at the root of her own empowerment. And as she grows, we grow with her, fully equipped for the journey with tips and exercises to help us flex our own financial independence.


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    Book Cover: The Heart of Your Money


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