How We Invest

Unlike the majority of the investment world –which could be considered advertising and not advice – we don’t promote the latest investment fads. Instead we rely on academic research and continual processes to develop long lasting investment strategies for our clients.

Our firm seeks out elite mutual fund managers who are not only strong at security selection, but also have the patience and the knowledge to invest in a disciplined manner-over the long term.


Astra Financial Believes In:

Reasonable Fees
Tax Efficiency
Understanding Real Risks
Empowering YOU with Financial Knowledge


Who is EdgePoint?

“Our approach is deceptively simple. We buy good, undervalued businesses and hold them until the market fully recognizes their potential” – EdgePoint. Learn more here.

Your investment strategy is linked to your financial plan and goals. It will be personal and suited to your specific needs and risk tolerance.

PEAK Investment Services Inc. is our mutual fund dealer and is one of the largest Independent Financial Services Dealer. This means that we can offer you investment choices that are free from any conflict of interest and are solely in your best interest because PEAK is not associated or affiliated with any investment products.

Mutual funds are provided through PEAK Investment Services Inc. All other products and services are provided though Astra Financial Services.