Investing in your 40’s

I wanted to share with you a question that came up with a couple that I just met: Q: We are in our early 40’s and have 2 young teens. We just finished paying off our mortgage and are now free and clear. Because our goal was paying down the mortgage, we had no extra… Read more »

Pay Down Your Mortgage or Top-up Your TFSA?

Pay down mortgage or top-up your TFSA The question of reducing debt or contributing to savings will continue to be debated for as long as people plan to retire in Canada. The battle is whether to pay down your mortgage or top-up your TFSA. Of course opting for both: reducing debt and increasing savings is… Read more »

Planning For Financial Well Being In Your Relationship

With this being the busiest season for weddings I thought I would share a few tips for newlyweds. ┬áPlanning for your financial well being should start before the wedding day. I was going to title this ‘Tips before tying the knot’ and then I realized that these are words of advice for financial well being… Read more »

Retirement Myths Debunked

We are experiencing a silver Tsunami. The leading edge of the Boomers turned 65 six years ago. On average, 1,250 Canadians turn 65 years old every single day. Most Boomers were born between 1961 -1965. That’s why you feel everyone has been turning 50. And people are living longer, much longer. With all of this… Read more »

Brexit and Canadian Investors

Executive Summary Great Britain has decided, via referendum, to leave the European Union.  The shock and surprise of this decision sent markets into turmoil after the result was announced. There is much to be decided, and the effects of these decisions, that will then become the basis for further negotiation to depart, or provide additional… Read more »

Can you answer these 3 questions?

Are You Smarter Than A 20-Something American? There is a study from San Diego State University that found a gap in financial knowledge and behaviour in young people.  The study asked the following 3 questions. See if you know the answer. Do you think that the following statement is true or false? Buying a single… Read more »

Estate Planning Mistakes of the Rich and Famous

In the spirit of our Wills & Executor 101 evening coming up on Wed April 27th, I thought I would share a few stories from Estate Planning Mistake of the Rich and the Famous.    Michael Crichton, best-selling author did leave a will but it excluded any unborn  children. This is a typical provision in a… Read more »

The Bull and the Bear

What is Meant by Bull and Bear Markets? No one really knows the exact origin of the terms “bull” and “bear” to describe the stock market, but their meaning is clear.  The most important thing to know about these terms is that they describe long-term trends, not short-term changes.  Bull and bear markets are usually… Read more »

The Money Bomb

It’s a new year, and now is a great time to get back to basics.  This month I am sharing my money bomb story with you.  The Money Bomb Talking $$$ with your partner     At some point, as a relationship grows and becomes more serious, questions start to arise about long-term plans and… Read more »