Health and Wealth 2 things we want more of

Generally there are two things that we want more of: Health and Wealth. Hans Rosling is a Swedish data scientist that has created an amazing video that shows the change of life expectancy as income rises, over time. This short video starts with the year 1800 when our lifespan was an average of age 40…. Read more »

September Market Update

Last Month in the Markets – September 1st – 30th, 2017   What happened in September? September was a very strong month for North American markets and oil.  The Canadian dollar ended the month almost exactly where it began and gold was considered the ‘loser’. As with all compound situations, and with economics specifically, many… Read more »


Our office is  collecting school supplies for the Salvation Army Back to School campaign.  This program provides school supplies for more than a 1000 children in Regina.  Astra will be matching any donations.  Below is a list of the needed items.  The deadline is Aug. 15th.  Please call us if you have any questions. -markers, crayons,… Read more »

Astra Client Spotlight

Client spotlight features our clients and their words so that we can gain more insight and learn from each other. Meet Astra member, Rory Willis   Tell us a bit about yourself: Having played with Lego and Meccano growing up I always had a fascination for construction and building things. After Graduating from the U… Read more »

3 Tips to Creating a Positive Money Message

  I feel as though I have started late in life with attempting to share a healthy relationship with money with my daughters. I never truly began my own journey to my money story until my marriage was ending. In the early years (okay, including the present moment as well), I have made parenting mistakes… Read more »

Astra Client Spotlight

Client spotlight features our clients and their words so that we can gain more insight and learn from each other.  Feel free to let me know if you have something you would like to share. This month I asked Brenda Jacksteit a few questions.   Tell us a bit about yourself: I am married and… Read more »

My two-cents on Critical Illness Insurance

I am always hesitant with insurance products. I like to do my homework and investigate all products. Only when there is a need and a necessity do I recommend insurance. Critical Illness Insurance is one that I often recommend. It is a lump sum that is paid to you if you are diagnosed with a… Read more »

Your Biggest Wealth-What is it?

The health of your mind, body, and relationships is your biggest wealth. It is vital to nurture these assets while you nurture your finances. It is fair to want and need support and collaboration to run a household and manage the family finances. One person may want to do all of this alone, but creating… Read more »


I wanted to share with you a note from PEAK management. It speaks volumes as to why I have chosen to align my company, Astra Financial with PEAK.   You may have heard that some employees at Canada’s largest banks have reported that high-pressure tactics may have been used to ensure they meet their sales… Read more »